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His crimes were felony offenses --- and the damage to his VICTIM will last an entire lifetime. Wade had been caught with marijuana, which is a crime with no victim --- he would have served ten or twenty YEARS instead of the 2 months he spent in jail. Marijuana is a threat to those in the pharmaceutical cartel, whereupon the AIDS drug MARINOL (THC in a sesame oil capsule) costs $20.00 per pill, which is the equivalent of one marijuana ciagarette --- more commonly known as a JOINT.

So, instead of ill patients being able to grow this herb for free --- they are held hostage by a monopolized system of prescriptions and prescription drugs, where things are sold for a price many, many times the value of their street worth.

In addition, he paid two fines --- one was $1,500.00 and the other was $1,477.34.

He was also mandated by the court to perform sixty hours of community service.

NOTICE: For those readers who missed this investigative series, but would like to catch it, it will be replayed in its' entirety, beginning on Saturday, June 3, 2006 at pm on MSNBC.

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