Adult dating sites for free messaging - Workplace dating investigations

by  |  14-May-2016 18:07

Before addressing the challenges, though, we should recognize just how common and unstoppable office romance is.Surveys provide convincing evidence: To be clear, an office romance is a relationship between two individuals employed by the same company that advances beyond the socially acceptable employer-employee association and the work-related duties that require their interaction.

Most of the entanglements occurred between two peers, but 29 percent of workers who’d dated a colleague said it was someone who outranked them in the company’s hierarchy, and 16 percent admitted to dating their boss.

Women (38 percent) were more likely than men (21 percent) to date a higher-ranking colleague. According to the survey, social settings outside of the office were the most common, followed by running into each other outside of work, attending happy hours, spending late nights at the office, and going to lunch.

Along with this, businesses and companies are still confused at whether or not they should interfere in the romantic relationship.

If they do choose to interfere, what department should be in control of handling the situation and what policies should be set if workplace romances do happen.

The relationship can be of a sexual nature where employees engage in sexual activities in and outside work, or where one employee makes sexually suggestive remarks about the other.

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