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A Melbourne woman who knew of the group chat's existence told Buzz Feed News she had tried to research how to report a group chat and had found that you can't."There is an option to report as 'abuse' but it's an old feature," she said."It doesn't work when you click it."It really is disgusting.

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Her retelling comes from the perspective of four young adults from different sides of the war: a young Lithuanian nurse, a Polish refugee, a German deserter and a Nazi youth reject.

In many ways, “Salt to the Sea” is a follow-up to her best-known book, “Between Shades of Gray,” which follows a Lithuanian family as they’re shipped off to Siberian death camps by the Soviet Union.

Members of the group are required to submit a naked photo of a girl before "naming and shaming" if they wish to be invited to the next day's group chat.

In one instance, members of the chat encourage another member to threaten a girl with the possibility that her pictures would be shared within the group if she didn't confess who had told her about the group chat.

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