User control in updatepanel not updating

by  |  06-Jan-2017 07:52

For this purpose we will call the controls Job Control and Call Control.

Job Control contains a dropdown list, which is part of a Cascading Dropdown list from the AJAXControl Toolkit.

When opening and closing the treelist you would not have the icon list to update.

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First up, apologies for the length of this question!

I have a page with several web user controls on them two of which are somewhat interdependent.

Once you complete reading this post you will be able to load controls dynamically and learn how to employ different helper controls like , the reason is otherwise those dynamically loaded controls will not be visible in the consequent postbacks.

There are few good articles written by Scott Mitchell on dynamically loading Controls which you will find in the following links: and sets its required property.

Furthermore, the tree list user control must know about the thumbnail list in order to update it, so the thumbnail list must expose a function that the tree list can call so the thumbnail list is updated.

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