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by  |  01-Nov-2016 15:51

Whenever I launch Safari, its Dock icon bounces for a long time and then finally stops, with no Safari window open. There can be quite a few reasons for this to happen, but the most likely cause, if you're running OS X Yosemite or earlier, is a disk permissions error.Disk permissions are flags set for each item in the file system.

To confirm that your app is operating on the latest version, select Kindle, then About Kindle on your Kindle for Mac app.

Note: Kindle for Mac applications running a software version below 1.14.0 are no longer supported.

If these permissions get out of whack, they can prevent an application from working correctly.

The result may be a bouncing Dock icon, as you mentioned, and an application that never finishes launching.

The Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application notifies you whenever one of your installed apps has an update available.

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