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This is not advised even if your teen knows the person in real life.

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Make her aware of some of the more unsavory situations that can unfold on the Internet - for example, how the guy she talks to in a chat room who to be a cute 16-year-old boy might actually be a 55-year-old convicted sex offender.

As a parent or carer it’s important to understand how your teen communicates with others online.

Bottom line: as parents, it's our responsibility to protect our children from the many risks they face in today's toxic culture.

Our recommendation is that you become intentional about that and implement a specific plan designed to set up a hedge around your daughter's innocence.

In short, we have been unable to secure the funds we would need to continue operating in 2013. More than two dozen Nevada newspapers and websites have been regularly publishing our stories this past year, and I regret that we will no longer be able to provide them with free, non-partisan content about Nevada government and politics.

Teen chat lines resim

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