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by  |  19-Apr-2017 01:44

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Have you ever seen a grown man sit through a tampon commercial or cringe at the sound of the phrase “sanitary napkin”? Well, us ladies have a few new champions on our side to help bring lady-part nomenclature awareness to the frontlines.

Alongside Lady Gaga’s valiant effort to popularize “muffin,” we’ve got Oprah and Tyra Banks endorsing the use of “Vajayjay.”Now there’s cult comedienne extraordinaire Sarah Haskins, who addresses the way our ladyparts are euphemized in commercials in her always-hilarious Infomania bit .

Any ideas as to who you’d like to see host Target Women now that Haskins *sniff* is moving on *sniff*? When I'm at home, my dad will often walk in when I'm watching Target Women.

He's a garden variety southern misogynist, and it amuses me to no end to see his confusion at whatever point Sarah's making.

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