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Only ten seconds or less of each thing, so it'll be fine for all you impatient ADD kids out there. A young boy and his sister carry out tasks for a bodyless head. It most CERTAINLY will destroy any bothers you have. They were supposed to be a minute long and vaguely about TV, which I managed with the first 2, the 3rd one was just nonsense and the 4th one I handed over to Jerry Jackson.

I just made it to see what it would look like really. Incidentally, Jerry's was about Political Correctness on TV and contained a certain degree of sarcasm, yet sarcasm the TV company didn't see the funny side of, and they refused to use it. The Sock series continues with a mash of dreams and other fragments.

I've been adding little lumps to this on and off for a long time and now I guess it's done.

When I arrived the last slab was still in place but I was told there was no need to move it.

Colin overheard this and intervened, saying nobly that he would take special care to avoid surfacing too late and hitting the slab.’Against the director’s better instincts filming commenced, but ‘all too predictably the momentum of Colin’s initial dive took him further than he’d calculated, so he rose to the surface beneath the slab, hitting the metal support crossbar with a sickening thud – right on the bridge of his nose. ‘A series of scenarios flashed through my head – the producer Sue Birtwistle would give me the sack, shut down filming, recast Darcy and reshoot while Colin had his nose reconstructed.’ In fact, by some miracle, the collision wasn’t as bad as was feared.

----- My name is David Firth and I make things that move.

I live here: tit about here: I sleep here: https:// I occasionally Tumbl If you aren't subscribed to me, I will track you down, wait outside your house and ask you why not.

‘The swelling on Colin’s nose wasn’t conspicuous enough to merit rescheduling.

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