Dating show with matchmakers

by  |  03-Jan-2017 12:43

(CNN) -- Thanks to a crop of how-to dating shows, such as Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker" and VH1's "Tough Love," more people are reaching out to matchmakers, making an age-old art fashionable again.

Back in 19th-century Russia -- around the time of "Fiddler on the Roof" -- women dreaded visits from the village matchmaker and longed to choose their own men.

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“Millionaire Matchmaker,” Bravo’s flagship dating series now in its eighth season, hits its 100th episode on March 15.

Expert matchmaker and host Patti Stanger says the milestone is something she could have never imagined.

According to a research study supported by the National Academy of science, due to child rearing, it turns out women actually have higher expectations when looking for a partner, more so than men.

In response to this claim, Rebecca and I couldn’t disagree more!

“Divorce rates were increasing and marriage was down,” the television personality says of the time when the show premiered.

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