Dating before you get married Free instant sexy chat

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It really depends on the people involved, and the reasons why they get married when they do. Most people realize that you shouldn’t get married too quickly after meeting someone, and the one long-term study I’ve found on the subject seems to back that up.There are a couple of reasons why a short dating period can cause problems in marriage: Marriage is really about commitment, so the real question is whether you are willing to commit to this person for the rest of your life, and whether you can trust them when they say they’re willing to do the same. Now, sometimes you can trust them more quickly if other trustworthy people have known the person through close community for a long time, and can vouch for them. Studies show that 2 to 3 years is the sweet spot when it comes to how long couples should date before marriage.

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Waiting to put a ring on it for at least a year or two (or even three) is a big plus.

Strong, shared religious values are apparently a bonus.

People used to frown upon premarital cohabitation, despite young couples' insistence that it was the best way to test out long-term compatibility (also known as The Ability To Avoid Homicide Charges After He Leaves The Seat Up For The 37th Time). This one is about more than the logistics of living together.

Now, couples are throwing out that very same excuse for their extended courtships...

As long as you get to know each other well, do not base your decision purely on your feelings and do not ignore red flags, you should be just fine.

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