Cheap ideas for updating kitchen cabinets dusseldorf dating

by  |  24-Nov-2016 11:52

Hardware can completely change the look of a piece of furniture and it can do the same for your cabinets.

Selling your house hinges on the look and functionality of your kitchen.

So, it’s in your best interest to start thinking about updating your kitchen if you ever think about selling the house or increasing its overall value.

Ashley Fleming: We’ve got the primer, b lack roll-on primer.

First of all, we recently did a countertop and we used a finish that looks just like granite that was very easy to apply, so, maybe we can talk to the folks that do that and see if we can take care of that. Danny Lipford: Also, you know, this kind of out-dates the kitchen. We could maybe upgrade that to, say, polished nickel? Danny Lipford: That’d look pretty good and kind of go along with your sink and so forth. They’ve not only agreed to send us one of their granite finish kits, they’re sending an expert, Ashley Fleming, to help Stephanie apply the finish.

Ashley Fleming: And then the last step is the top coat. It’s for people who have never done a lot of house projects. This is the exciting part right here with the minerals. But first we have to get all of these items off of here before we can get this project started. Ashley Fleming: After we paint your counters, you’ll want them cleared off all the time because you’ll like looking at them again Stephanie Ward: Absolutely. Danny Lipford: Allen’s a little late to the party, but he’s here to help with some of the moving.

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