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Basing can be a misleading term, however, conjuring Cold War-era assumptions of permanent basing on a large scale.

People could easily conclude that new bases mean major shifts in Russia's ability to project power or in host countries' strategic alliances.

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Some of the bats came from people who purchased them as pets and then realized they were ill-equipped to care for them (we commend these people for doing the right thing).

The bats range in sizes from a body of 2 inches long with a wingspan of 6″ to a body about the size of a small squirrel.

In fact, Russia has been talking a lot lately about basing rights in strategic spots around the globe, from Egypt to Vietnam to Cuba to Iran.

The intent behind these explorations is fairly straightforward: When locked in a multi-theater confrontation with the United States, what better way for the Russian bear to trample the U. security umbrella than with a growing military footprint?

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