Who is janine turner dating

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If booze is important in their life, then they’re out because there are too many issues. Once we get through the faith and the drinking issue, intelligence is great, sense of humor.

Whether they’re 22, 27, or 35, they are very responsible young men. It’s about where they’re coming from and how they’re choosing to live their lives.

Sipping a venti chocolate milk, Turner tells D Magazine about how she splits her time between New York City and her ranch north of Fort Worth, and about why she’ll never have plastic surgery.

People always accuse me of having my lips done, and I have not had my lips done.

On a recent Thursday night, Janine Turner breezes into the Southlake Town Square Starbucks, and heads turn. I don’t drink and so I don’t want that to be around her.

Whether the people recognize her from Northern Exposure or are just admiring a beautiful woman, we’ll never know. When I was single, before I had a child, it was a whole different ball game because I was just responsible for myself. ” But I have this list this long now, because it’s not just me. Here’s the way I look at it: in about eight years, when she goes off to college, that’s when I’ll find somebody.

She continued to make guest appearances on television shows throughout the 1980s before landing the role of Laura Templeton on General Hospital.

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