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His self-produced first album "Don't Stop Now" featuring the Tower of Power Horns was successful in Europe, where it was certified gold in several countries.Throughout the 1980s, Haner recorded and toured mainly in Europe. Serious and badass, Brian Haner leads this team of special agents as they solve some of the nation’s most g... Just the mention of him sent random girls across the world weak in the knees, and he was pretty damn proud of it. He plays the guitar, has an amazing voice, and is living the perfect rockstar life with the other members of the Huntington Beach based band Aven... The first day of High School can over throw us all. I do not own Jimmy, nor do I own anyone involved with Avenged Sevenfold, such as Matt, Brian, Johnny, or Zacky. AN ORIGINAL STORY BY ISABELLA SCHIZOPHRENIC© THIS TOOK ME /NINE MONTHS TO COMPLETE;/ THIS IS MY MOST IMPORTANT WORK IN FAN... One day they went to Ludacris' restaurant in Atlanta, GA.

You can also check who we already have interviewed, so you don't recommend someone we've already interviewed :)In this interview we talked to the lovely Brian Haner Jr NOTE: We have some Mibba related questions and some personal ones. Well, I don't remember an exact date, but it was a hell of a long time ago. I've been on here, roughly..possibly going on 7 years? Bleagh--put it this way, I was here when old mibba was new hahaha.

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In those two blogs you can read everything about "how to recommend a user" and everything about our interviews in general. I started out as a no one, really, then I became Jensen Ackles and stayed as him for a fair few years, it's only been the past two years that I've been BHJ.

In the early 90s, his composition work extended to scoring television shows and films.

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