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During an Episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, D'Elia confirmed that he frequently uses a walking aid called "rollator" when he goes shopping.

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He currently hosts a weekly podcast: "Congratulations with Chris D'Elia." D'Elia also gained a strong following on Vine in which he harnessed over 2 million followers.

In January 2013, D'Elia released a parody rap album as MC "Chank Smith," releasing a debut album called "Such Is Life" that was produced by Mr. The show often incorporates improv, with D'Elia playing Oscar to Brent Morin's straight-man Felix à la The Odd Couple.

"We try to keep the TV Whitney as likable as possible," Cummings joked about the difference between herself and her character at Thursday's Paley Center fall TV preview panel, which was moderated by to your Watchlist before the new season begins and never miss an episode 1.

She's slightly less jaded about marriage in real life: On the show, Whitney takes issue with societal pressures to marry her longtime boyfriend because she's afraid of walking down the aisle after watching her mom and her dad each suffer through three failed marriages.

The cast of the show includes stand-up comics who were good friends before the show.

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