vertual dating games - When hes dating me and his babymoma

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He is still dating her now and he still tells me he loves me. should I back off and let him and his girlfriend be, or should I wait and see what his next step will be?

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They save that type of effort for ones they are serious about.

Plan ahead If you’re just a fling to him, you are (unfortunately) kind of replaceable.

I'm dating a Guy and he has a baby mama that he's been broken up with for a ye and we've been dating for 8months....he's a nice Guy and I let him stay with me from time to time and he brings his son over he told me that he and her were done for and its only communication about the baby but sometimes he gets mad at her if she doesn't text him back or he doesn't know where she is...doesn't have a car all he has is his son..uses my car for work and to get his son on wknds and he even gets her other son that's not his....he's never told me he loves me so j have to ask does he still love her And sometimes he leaves my house late at night but he says its to get something from the store You need to figure out how to have trust in this relationship and that means communication.

I can understand why you feel that this history is effecting your relationship.

It can be very unsettling to have to interact with someone's history.

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