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In fact, if you read Microsoft's documentation, Web Services are featured as the new component architecture in the distributed age where not only Internet exposure is handled through them but also common reusable business and application services. Net framework abstracts most of the internal logic that handles the remoting details of method calls over the wire and Visual Studio .

Net builds support for Web Services directly into the development environment.

Over the last few months I've spent a lot of time talking about XML and Web Services and how you can build and consume them.

This time we'll look at the new features in Visual Studio. NET that provide a very easy mechanism for creating Web Services and more importantly the easy mechanism used to consume those same Web Services using the . Web Services promise to bring information into your applications from the Internet in much the same way that browers have made information available to end users. Net framework introduces Web Services as an integral part of the architecture, making it very easy to create and consume these services with minimal amounts of code written.

Below is the how I bind the two Grid Views in the Page Load Event of the ASP. You will notice I am running a simple Select Query and binding the data to both the Grid Views using the Get Data function Now in order to export multiple Grid Views you will need to wrap the Grid Views in a Control that will act as a container and then export that control instead of the Grid Views.

Validating textboxes in asp net

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