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ALBANY -- The third of four casinos planned for upstate New York opened on Wednesday, bringing with it more than 1,000 jobs and pledging to revive the local economy.The opening of the Rivers Casino in Schenectady also brought the state closer to the saturation of the upstate gaming market, raising questions about how they will all co-exist.

ALBANY - A new bill would prohibit low-level sex offenders from driving for Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing companies. Sue Serino of Hyde Park, Dutchess County, are pushing the measure to tweak the state's newly approved ride-hailing law, which takes effect in early July.

That law, approved in the state budget earlier this month, prohibits all Level 2 and 3 sex offenders from driving for ride-hailing companies, but allows certain Level 1 offenders to participate seven years after their crime.

ALBANY - Because of a surge in hate crimes, New York will add a texting hotline and a reward to report incidents, as well as consider giving $25 million to religious schools in the state. Andrew Cuomo announced the steps Thursday, railing against the rise in anti-Semitism and hate crimes following the November presidential election.

The Democratic governor said the number of hate crimes in New York were on the decline last year, but then skyrocketed after the election — he said the rate doubled in November and December and has continued to increase this year."The bottom line message is simple: These acts offend every New Yorker.

The new bill from GOP lawmakers would change that, blocking Level 1 offenders from driving for the companies for as long as they are deemed a sex offender — generally a period of 20 years.“Our community is home to a high concentration of colleges, and our college students will undoubtedly utilize the service regularly, so I shudder to think that any registered sex offender — of any level — could get behind the wheel of an Uber or Lyft vehicle," Serino said in a statement.

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