Ups tracking site not updating

by  |  12-Feb-2016 07:46

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They can enter weather exception information that is visible on the package tracking system.

The aircraft may have landed with an arrival scan, but the volume may not yet have been unloaded or processed for the ground operation that moves it to the next location or final delivery center. Regardless of the way it happened, though, and the true location of my stuff, the end result was the same: My perishable package was somewhere en route, and delayed. But it's surprising to learn that these delivery companies' online tracking systems aren't as plainspoken as customers believe them to be.

A few Fridays ago, I expected a package of perishable items. But at least I wanted to know if I could be away from the house if Brown wasn't going to be showing up.

It turns up an interesting tidbit: Just because UPS's online tracking system tells you that your package is in a certain location doesn't mean it actually is.

Can't input phone number for each tracking item for an update to date text alert like the way USPS has it. Take some pointers from their beautiful app and make real efficient improvements!!!

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