Updating meade autostar 497 controller

by  |  17-Apr-2017 23:54

Mark Confirmed PROBLEM UPLOADING NEW SOFTWARE: If your scope crashes or you lose internet connection while you are uploading a new version of software and your LX200GPS scope locks up, you can get to "Safe" download mode by turning the scope on and immediately pressing 999. Im having exact same issue that SBBBugsy had, I can get into safe mode by pressing 9-9-9 and it goes straight to "downloading do not turn off " message and only then will ASU recognize my handbox and will go thru the Updating "sending program" for about 1 1/2 hours .

Then once it tries to initialize my handbox it wont detect it says (failed attempt or something make sure handbox is connected) then my hand box reads and stays frozen on the Lx200xxx Version 4.2g .. So why can I connect only thru Safe mode but wont update or initialize Check to see if your computer system is set on 64bits or 32 bits.

Be absolutely CERTAIN you are ready to reformat your BIOS before carrying out the following procedure.

Be aware that this procedure will delete all star databases and entered information from your Autostar.

This equals 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 This represents the ratio for one tooth on the worm gear.

Now multiply the 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 times the number of teeth on the new worm gear to be used.

( These calculations were done using the calculator function on my computer ) Examples: Worm gear multiply by New Alt/Az Ratio 60 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 1.36889 96 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 2.19022 120 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 2.73778 144 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 3.28533 180 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 4.10667 200 0.022814833333333333333333333333333 4.56296 All LXD model telescopes use 144 tooth worm gears and an Alt / Az ratio of 2.53715 To calculate new ratios for the LXD motors take the known ratio of 2.53715 divide by 144 equals 0.017619097222222222222222222222222 Now multiply the 0.017619097222222222222222222222222 times the number of teeth on the new worm gear to be used.

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