Updating a house to sale

by  |  11-Feb-2016 08:43

This can be used for a new kitchen and reinstating period features such as fireplaces.

If you're planning to sell your home, chances are you've already done the math and decided it's the right time. While thinking in terms of the sale probably has you looking at your home in a new way, it can also magnify your perception of problems you've learned to deal with.

You may have even done enough research to sell your house confidently without an agent. You would think that major improvements, like new siding or a kitchen renovation, would help you boost your sale price.

A: Jump into a renovation project without first setting a budget and you may spend loads of cash on all sorts of lovely options—from a marble island-top for your kitchen to a two-person hot tub for your new patio—that you won’t get paid back for if you sell your house in a few years.

While that may not be a concern if you’re staying put for the long haul, if you’re likely to move in 10 years or less, it pays to limit your spending to what you might reasonably hope to get back at resale.

Try other easy DIY fixes like repainting the exterior trim, replacing the house numbers or installing new outdoor lighting.

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