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And a very well-qualified boy, too, who had a great market — it’s rare to find a Punjabi boy who’s IIT-IIM.” Considering that they were both financially independent, couldn’t they have easily gone ahead and married against their families’ wishes? “But we didn’t want to shove the decision down their throats.

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Marriage is something beyond a man and woman living together jointly; it is a tradition involving the merging of two families and steeped in traditions and beliefs passed on for generations.

Marriage within our ethnic group allows us to preserve these values and traditions as both couples cherish a common identity and culture.

Instead it made them feel worse — they felt that because their child has done so well, he/she deserved someone ‘good’ from their own community.

In my case, my family had the additional chip of being the boy’s side.

About ten years ago, on the campus of Ahmedabad’s Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Punjabi boy Chetan Bhagat fell in love with Tamilian girl Anusha. Much as he protests that this is purely a work of fiction, he doesn’t mind holding out the promise of a peep into the travails he and his girlfriend underwent, trying to ‘convince’ their respective families, before they became man and wife.

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