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The railway part of my journey was much less reliable until the elderly pre-war 4-CORs were replaced by 4-CIGs.

Pete, I seem to recall that there were quite a number of them and one bus magazine, it may have been ‘Passenger Transport’ commented that it was surprising that such a dated style was being adopted.

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Becky joined Northwood in June 2008 after completing her degree in Criminology from Leeds Metropolitan University.

She started carrying out the external appointments and moved up to the Lettings Manager.

All the ads for older Excelsiors received so far are listed here, by model...

I have british excelsior bike that we have had in the family for many years.

One A&D feature on OPO buses was to have just a single seat on the front nearside to allow more room for passengers paying the driver, but at the time I was a regular traveller, these buses were crew-operated.

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