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Jeffrey Lee Allred, the band’s frontman, boyish looks and witty charm will have you underestimating him as a powerful vocalist and leader of the band. Find out more » Originally formed in 1984 By guitarist Phil Vigelius Drummer Pat Murphy and keyboardist Jay Jolley .Atomic Radio’s mission is to blow away their listeners/audience with creativity, energy and fun entertainment. The Band Has been continually rocking the metro Detroit area for years.When Matt isn't navigating wormholes, he makes movies that none of you have seen and wishes he could own a sea otter.

After leaving school for medicine, my 20s have lead me to sales and hosting trivia for you!

In my free time, you can find me playing trivia myself, watching the Red Wings or the Michigan Wolverines, or hanging with my friends.

And joining us this morning is Steven Loring at WQUN. But somehow you filmed all of this, and put it in this great film.

Steven Loring: Well, I think it’s a concept whose time is certainly coming.

Matt was sent back in time to let humanity know that it doesn't get any better.

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