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Financial and accounting expertise is vital in a period of increasing uncertainty in global markets.

Our Masters programme allows you to develop your skills and knowledge in finance-related tasks and activities, specifically the analytical, communication, critique and evaluation skills you’ll need to work in international finance.

Here in Suffolk, our school nurses are committed to improving outcomes for children and young people by keeping children safe, supporting children to go to school, and ensuring that children and young people maintain good physical health and emotional wellbeing.

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We support children and parents to ensure they have access to a range of services.

We offer: With more and more children and young people using mobile devices as part of their daily lives, we have introduced a virtual school nurse service.

Children are chatting more in online communities Young children are spending more time playing online than ever before, but according to new research over half of UK parents of primary school children don’t know the difference between safe chat (a pre-selected list of messages or monitored chat) and free chat (kids are able to express themselves freely).

The research found that dads were more clued up than mums about what the two forms of online chat were; with 58 per cent of dads carrying the know-how on the two different forms of chatting, compared with only 42 per cent of mums.

It’s perfect if you’ve already got an accounting or finance qualification and want to develop more advanced knowledge. Get a broad understanding of both accounting and finance and gain internationally sought-after skills on our challenging course.

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