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by  |  17-Dec-2016 03:15

So I did the only rational thing a person could do in this situation, which was shake him awake.

Even though the dream was over, I was in a visceral panic from watching my husband fuck someone so much hotter than me—in fairness, hotter than anyone.

When you first look at my work, you assume that I only work with beginners and those with a lot to learn.

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A year ago, I had one of those eerie, vivid nightmares that take place in the very room in which you are sleeping. We worry about the woman who is hotter and/or younger and who has more subtle ombré highlights and skin that is all one color instead of a smattering of bluish veins and random broken capillaries.

I dreamed I was standing in the corner of my bedroom watching my husband have sex with Gisele in our bed. We hire personal trainers and get Botox shots in our eyelashes and drink the elixirs Goop tells us to drink, all in the hope that if we can just look as much like the Other Woman as possible, with her perfect boobies and legs and whatnot, we will be safe.

It makes sense because it’s true that the majority of people of any sexual preference have a good basic block of sex skills that they knew they had to put a little effort into in the beginning and are now coasting with thinking that box is checked.

Upgraders don’t have any major mental hangups with sex either, so they know they aren’t interested in seeing a psychology-based sex therapist. Again, some may already have them in some form, but want more, bigger, easier, and better ones.

Many women like or love how vaginal intercourse feels with all its big and small details, but without orgasms, they’re repeating patterns that you see in almost every adult video in existence: hot fcuking, orgasm finale’ for him, but not for her or not every time. If that’s what you see in vids, experience in real life, read about in simplistic erotica (women’s orgasms do happen in those, albeit fantastically with no believable explanations), and talk about with your BFF’s, then that’s all there is, right?

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