Rowupdating event fires twice

by  |  28-Mar-2017 19:57

laws of age dating consent - Rowupdating event fires twice

Note: the example above shows how you can pass a value of another column on the same row that you wish to delete (ex: item_id is a field of another column in the same row) to your event handler that can help you delete a record from the database. NET in case anyone needs it: Private Function Ok2Delete(By Val p Row As String) As Boolean If Session("Row Index") Is Nothing Or Else _ (CInt(Session("Rowindex")) = p Row And Also Date Time. For the time being you could use the following work around.

One obvious workaround is to change the button type to a regular button or a link button.

The real problem is calling .trigger() without the "namespace" and then calling it again with the namespace. When I tested the fix on my local machine, I wasn't getting double events but maybe I wasn't exactly duplicating the problem at hand.

Can we simply get rid of the non-namespaced call to .trigger() ? I'm going to put a pin in this and put it on our trello board ( Qqf/foundation-sites) to engineer a better namespacing system.

For those still experiencing double firings of the event, could you provide a code snippet with the double firings as well as the browser you're using?

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