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Preventive resin restoration have more tendency to have caries, while teeth with pit and fissure sealants does not (18% vs. As a conclusion, pit and fissure sealants have marginally higher retention compared to preventive resin restoration on permanent molars.

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Community service-learning (CSL) in predoctoral dental education might be an effective tool for increasing sealant use by dentists—thus benefitting underserved children while facilitating students’ learning of a clinical procedure in a real-life setting.

This study reviewed the scientific literature on this topic in order to 1) evaluate the reasons for low sealant use among dentists, 2) consider important aspects of sealant use in community settings, and 3) identify best practices to use as guidelines for CSL regarding sealant use.

Pit and fissures are therefore the most areas to caries and need n..'p".'...r carious lesions. Two rr"'rh, PIT AND FISSURE SEALANTS Figure l.- Pits and fissures morphology.

The high suscep tibility of these teeth to caries is directly re lated to morphology of their occlusal surface that prevents both chemical cleaning by sa liva and mechanical cleaning by toothbrush. it favors the remineralisation of initial Dr,evc~nits the production of polysaccharides essential for the development and sustainment of bacterial plaque, and the absorption of salivary Fluoride also reinforces it less tible to caries.

Consequently, they will be more confident in sealant use as an effective caries prevention modality; and hopefully, as practitioners, they will be more willing than many current dentists to use this prevention modality with their patients.

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