Ostomy dating website

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This was the first time Jessica heard the word 'ostomy', as the doctor explained that she would have an artificial opening in her organs after the procedure.

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I began going out again like your typical 21 year old, I could drink and join in with the rest of my friends on a night out and I gradually began to speak with guys and also get attention from them which made my confidence grow and realising that only I knew that I had an ostomy bag so I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself around new people.

In July 2013 I started to date again, luckily for me I met a guy through mutual friends so he was given the heads up that I was living with a difficult condition.

This made things a little easier for me as I didn’t need to go into the details unless he was genuinely interested.

Around one month later things began to phase out and he ended things with me via text which at the time completely knocked my confidence and I felt like I was back at stage one with those ongoing thoughts of being unattractive.

Intimacy and intercourse are a part of the human experience.

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