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You now need to move on and syncronise the Address Book files.

Syncronising the Address Book To do this, run this command: abserver -syncnow This will sync all of the address book files for you. Communicator Address-Book Cache If you’re an Admin sometimes it’s worth checking you have the latest address book files - I.e.

Sometimes it’s worth doing a full regeneration - to do it run this command: abserver -regenur If you get this error you need to make sure your command prompt has elevated privileges - I.e. Create a short-cut to CMD.exe, right-click on it and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Now, before you can syncronise this regeneration you must wait for it to finish. Well, look out for event ID 30028 - AB Entires are populated successfully.

Add new contact photos to Active Directory users whatever way you prefer (several management tools exist). The Active Directory sync is working…just not for images? There’s a lot of parts to the Lync contact profile – and by the time we were done, we’d touched all of them.) Next post I’ll detail 3 more fixes we tried.

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