Nudist school

by  |  29-Mar-2017 01:07

Being uncomfortable is because you do not allow yourself enough nude time in the presence of others.

Individuals often restrict nudity embarresmentto genital exposure…nudism is not genital exposure alone,it hollistic! Its just that sometimes we have hang ups about our genitals,we must not be so.

I don’t have an exclusive penis,neither are penisses exclusive…its a common thing in men,as is the vagina in a female!

Our genitals are not exclusive,or specific,we will never be the only humas with genitals!

Malcolm Boura, club chairman, said: ““It is both good for you and fun. “It is well established that naturism is good for you and that it provides benefit in many ways, general health and well-being, happiness, body-attitude, body-image, body-positivity, all of those and much more, but above all it is fun.

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