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Barnstaple and Bideford were prosperous market towns by 1600, profiting from transatlantic fisheries and the wool trade, and thriving from a vigorous coastal trade in England, Ireland, and Northern Europe.

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Such boats would have been prolific as England's mercantile trade developed, with Axmouth ranking as a major port by the mid-14th century, accounting for 15 per cent of the country's shipping trade.

England's commercial ambitions are also revealed by the two 18th-century shipwrecks which have been protected by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on the advice of Historic England.

Barnstaple and Bideford flourished as market towns and as major ports in the late 16th and 17th centuries.

The most up-to-date ceramic forms and technologies were introduced into the area as a result of the extensive, direct North Devon trade with the continent that began in the 16th century.

The two vessels lie a few hundred yards apart on the sands at Northam Burrows Country Park, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North Devon.

North devon dating

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