Noel fielding is dating

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Noel Fielding plays Pete Sweet, who works on a record stall, owns a scooter and two puppies, has a best friend called Stitch (played by Julian Barratt) and is currently dating a short, dumpy ginger girl called Poppy. She was originally imagined by Pete's mate's Dave's Mum, who had always wanted a girl. Can’t wait to see “Baby Driver,” the new Edgar Wright film?

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Julian Barratt Pettifer (born ), known professionally as Julian Barratt, is an English comedian, actor, musician, music producer and member of surreal comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh.

He played Howard Moon in their sitcom The Mighty Boosh.

Courtney Love has laughed off rumours that she is an item with British comedian Noel Fielding - but these pictures show they are mighty close.

Spare a thought for Mighty Boosh comedian Noel Fielding, who has lost a girlfriend and a festival in just a week.

Noel dated Dee Plume for a very long time, up until mid 2009.

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