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The general ledger reflects a permanent summary of all your supporting journals, such as the sales and cash receipts journal and the cash disbursements journal.

Closing your books and maintaining your general ledger should be one of your top priorities.general ledgers, financial statements, sales, cash receipts journal, disbursements journal, supporting journals, credit, debit, accounting, bookkeeping, managing business finances, balance sheet, capital accounts, income statements.

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Check them if you are unable to find your specific topic covered in this document: Troubleshooting Integration with SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Share Point Technologies: Configuration Problems: SQL Server 2008 - Server 2005 - article is organized in a beginning to end format.

The article starts with the initial installation of Reporting Services and ends with deploying reports and viewing reports from your Share Point site.

If the account payment was late, the status description will say how late.

For instance, an account that was never late will have a status line that says, “current, never late.” Once brought current, the account status for the situation you describe would say, “current was ___ days late.” The number in the blank would depend on just how many payments you missed.

Your accounting software will reserve space in the general ledger for each general ledger account.

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