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So WHY would you want it when you could buy a Springfield Armory XD or a Glock or a Ruger or an Smith & Wesson M&P — you get my point. Personally, I own two Springfield Armory XD’s (one is the XD 45 and the other is the XDM 9mm 4.5) and I love them to death.But their trigger pull, like many other striker handguns, has a little something missing.I even went as far as to install a Springer Precision trigger into my XDM, and it is an excellent trigger.

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Trump promised to end what he described as an Obama-era “warphotography Celebrate Canada Day With the 'Strong Man of the North'As Saturday’s Canada Day holiday marks the 150th anniversary of the July 1, 1867, act that created the dominion, it’s an appropriate time to celebrate all things Canadian.

Though TIMEpolitics It's Time to Send Selina Meyer In to Deal With the GOP Lawmakers Do you know what we should do the next time a clutch of male Republican Senators decide it’s ok to go behind closed doors and rewrite the entire country’s health care plan without aphotography How John Dominis Photographed Wild Antelope Without a Telephoto Lens The photographers on LIFE Magazine’s staff did it all, taking on assignments wide and varied without a blink of the eye. He joined LIFE as a staff photographer in Korean War Scenes From a Dispute at the Korean Border When the Korean War began on June 25, 1950 — exactly 67 years ago this weekend — it sparked a conflict that would simmer long after the war officially ended in armistice in 1953.

I am a big fan of anime games that has a real emotional story to it or a gloomy kind of feeling to it, but it doesn't matter.

Obviously it should be an anime game that was published into an english speaking one or atleast a anime game that has subs in it.

That Korean War Crossing the Naktong With Thousands of Korean Refugees In the early weeks of the Korean War, which had begun in June of 1950, LIFE Magazine dispatched a bevy of journalists to cover the conflict from all angles for the Aug.

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