Lawyers intimidating judges

by  |  18-Feb-2017 22:32

At that time, the NBA never mobilized 90 lawyers to defend any lawyer charged with corrupt practices.

You accused alleged corrupt judges being investigated by the anti-graft bodies of rushing to the court to seek an interlocutory injunction to stop their arrest and prosecution. I have always kicked against the issuance of interim, interlocutory and perpetual injunctions by judges to restrain the anti-graft agencies and the police from arresting, investigating and prosecuting corrupt people in the society.

There is no separation of powers where the lawyers are concerned.

There is only a concentration of all government power -- in the lawyers.

Earlier today I was reading an article about the phenomenon of ‘family annihilation’, ie.

the murder of several members of the same family by another family member.

On one side of the line, the conduct, action, or inaction is proper; on the other side of the line, it is not. READ, There is a vague popular belief that lawyers are necessarily dishonest.

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