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At the time, we’d never heard the term “academic redshirting,” but it turns out this is what it’s often called.

D., associate professor of developmental psychology at the University of California, Davis.

Look for these clues: being giggly about a friend of the opposite sex; getting interested in the romantic plots of movies; or incorporating marriage into pretend play.

The cut-off date was September 30, so any four-year-old who would turn five by that date was eligible.

But we had talked to lots of other people—both parents and teachers—and it seemed like more and more families were opting to hold off, to delay their child’s entrance into kindergarten for another year (Bassok & Reardon).

This overview of the research on redshirting shows little to no academic advantage to redshirting, and cites other research that redshirted students may have poorer academic and behavioral outcomes than non-redshirted students (Huang). I interviewed her for my podcast to talk more about her findings on how adolescent boys and their families feel—many years down the line—about their decision to redshirt…or not to redshirt.

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