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Optionally, both parties can see each other by utilizing the smartphone’s inbuilt camera. Asahi News writes that the application is being used an average of 1.8 million times a day. An i Phone version has been out for some time and the Android version was released January this year. Saitō’s creator, Reo Nagumo, we are told that the majority of its users are high-school and university students. Saitō.”The more calls are made, the more “Saitō” seals appear in a grid on the screen.

Although there is no accurate data regarding the user’s gender, they believe the figure to be roughly 70% males and 30% females. There is nothing in particular that happens as seals are accumulated, but as the developer Mr.

Webcam Chat Roulette is a fascinating application that has taken the web by storm.

Here we are in Boston today." LOOK: They met on Chatroulette They aren't the first couple who found love on Chatroulette -- Alex and Siobhan Rodgers met on the site in 2010 and married in 2011, according to the Daily Mail.

Like the Reddit user and the "French girl," the Rodgerses were from different countries -- the U.

Remember when everyone thought it represented the end of morality or meaningful human interaction or something? A Reddit user -- whose account has apparently since been deleted -- posted a photo of himself and a young woman sitting on a park bench on Wednesday. Makes finding love on or OKCupid seem so safe and conventional, right?

He captioned it: "I met this French girl on chatroulette 3 years ago.

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