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You could say the obvious thing: "Megan, that is utterly, awesomely hilarious." Most likely, though, you would say something else, something that better reflects a more natural response to my hilarity.

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NHN released the app just two months after the devastating earthquake that triggered the meltdown at the Fukushima power plant.

“People were not able to communicate with telephones or e-mail services from mobile carriers and we wanted as many people as possible to carry out a conversation,” said Jun Masuda, who is the chief strategy and marketing officer for NHN Japan.

Are you looking for the way to break down the barriers that prevent you from learning a foreign language? The most natural and effective method to go from beginner to confident speaker.

Everybody who wants to improve his idiomatic skills, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers, from people starting from scratch, unable to find many opportunities to practise are in the right place.

It would be easy to assume that giants like Apple, Facebook and the carriers will control smartphone messaging.

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