Is kim kardashian still dating reggie bush

by  |  01-Mar-2016 12:38

New rumors about Kim and Kanye divorcing seem to have popped up at the rate of about one a week since the couple walked down the aisle back in 2014, but this time, it seems there's real reason to believe their marriage hit hit a serious rough patch.

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She's found in West a man to spur her to be better in each aspect of her life — and he's found the same.

The pair are not only well-matched, but also seem to be truly, madly, deeply crazy in love.

When Sway asked about the pictures, the "Fame" singer didn't want to comment any further, but she stood behind her original comments. What Amber couldn't stand behind was the name-calling.

She says she called Kim a home wrecker out of frustration.

Was it a transparent attempt to send the message that the and Kim had patched things up? But according to sources close to the couple, they are actually making an attempt to rescue their relationship.

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