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Compare: The 10 Top Rated Air Soft Guns of 2016If you’re looking for a cool and easy to use half-face mask to pair with your favorite set of goggles, then you need to look no further.

This mesh half-mask provides you with both an amazing amount of protection and a grinning skull look which is sure to impress.

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Lens fogging is a typical problem with any mask, but these masks feature a built-in air flow system at the nose and lens region to keep this problem from ever happening.

Take a look at some of the masks below, and the equally amazing promo video.

Coldbloodart Paintball Masks will not only protect your face during the game but will also give you character and style.

Produced by head artist “Bomb, the” Cold Blood Art is a Thailand-based company that produces really intimidating masks for paintball game players.

This mask is also one of the best when it comes to dealing with fog as it has plenty of ventilation and a thermal lens – making it perfect for those who live where it’s hot and humid. So if you’re considering buying the Dye I4 then make sure to read the rest of our review so you can decide if this is the right paintball mask for you.

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