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This is what fog cutters look like: Here are some of the free episodes that have fog cutters: EP22, EP38, EP64, EP104, EP133, EP181, EP201, EP229, EP258, EP300.Scroll down to see specific episode information below. The first two are free for Club Pogo members (only the first one is free for non-members) and the rest of the episodes will cost 20 gems each (40 gems for non-members). Badge Cities: Flemington, Jerome, Winthrop, Dakar(1), Marfa Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Flemington – used in Marfa) EP240: Applied Robotics – Applied Robotics Badge Cities: Mc Murdo(2), Toledo(2), Visp, Liverpool, Munich Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Visp – used in Munich) EP241: Circuit Breakers – Circuit Breakers Badge Cities: Amsterdam(2), Escazu, Pescara, Marseilles, Neft Daslari Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Amsterdam(2) – used in Neft Daslari) EP242: Tinpot Bot – Tinpot Bot Badge Cities: Mountain Center, Peoria, Portsmouth, Blackpool, Panama Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Portsmouth – used in Blackpool) EP243: My Robot Pal – My Robot Pal Badge Cities: Cedar Hill, Nouadhibou, Tinduf, Montevideo, Postbridge Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Tinduf – used in Montevideo) EP244: UFO-NO – UFO-NO Badge Cities: Copenhagen(2), Mala Strana, Marrakesh, Koh Kong, Nassau Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Marrakesh – used in Koh Kong) EP245: Aliens Among Us – Aliens Among Us Badge Cities: London(3), Pinnacles, Woodland, Las Vegas(2), Nelson Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Pinnacles – used in Nelson) EP246: Planetary Prowlers – Planetary Prowlers Badge Cities: Atlantis, Bourton-on-the-Water, Ksar Ouled Soltane, Ottawa(2), Shap Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Ksar Ouled Soltane – used in Shap) EP247: Terraformation – Terraformation Badge Cities: Naica, Soudan, Yaxchilan, Dieppe, Melbourne(1) Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Naica – used in Melbourne(1)) EP248: Talent Scouting – Talent Scouting Badge (Free to Club Pogo Members) Cities: Anjuna, Carroll, Potsdam, Calgary(1), Portland(3) Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Potsdam – used in Calgary(1)) EP249: Below the Belt – Below the Belt Badge Cities: Agueda, Egginton, Mt Pleasant, Lexington, Squaw Valley Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Mt Pleasant – used in Squaw Valley) EP250: Mustard’s Relish – Mustard’s Relish Badge Cities: Colts Neck, Dordogne, Rayong, Sochi, Wisconsin Dells Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Dordogne – used in Wisconsin Dells) EP251: Strikes and Spares – Strikes and Spares Badge Cities: Guangzhou(2), Sudbury, Williston, Doha, Dome C Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Guangzhou(2) – used in Dome C) EP252: Chaos Ball – Chaos Ball Badge Cities: Cooperstown, Kaiserslautern, Myrtle Beach, Phuket, Tampa Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Kaiserslautern – used in Phuket) EP253: Disguised Intrigue – Disguised Intrigue Badge Cities: Spreewald, Uzumlu, Winston-Salem, Key West, Tel Aviv Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Winston-Salem – used in Tel Aviv) EP254: Strange Sanctums – Strange Sanctums Badge Cities: Albuquerque, Humboldt, Olney, Berlin(2), Fife Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Olney – used in Fife) EP255: Costumed Champions – Costumed Champions Badge Cities: Napier, Ribnita, White Plains, Bronx(2), Roermond Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Napier – used in Bronx(2)) EP256: Hero’s Doom – Hero’s Doom Badge Cities: Bud, Chiang Rai, Riegersburg, Brasilia, Vilnius Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Chiang Rai – used in Vilnius) EP257: Superlative Six – Superlative Six Badge Cities: Chefchaouen, Hauterives, Tres Piedras, Fort Walton, Sherwood Forest Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Hauterives – used in Sherwood Forest) EP258: Sly Sorcery – Sly Sorcery Badge (Free to Club Pogo Members) Cities: Opatija, Pindaya, Plymouth(3), Baia Mare, Ridgefield Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Plymouth(3) – used in Ridgefield) EP259: Witches’ Crew – Witches’ Crew Badge Cities: Durant, Eger, Sinaia(2), El Dorado, Leoben Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Durant – used in El Dorado) EP260: Peculiar Potion – Peculiar Potion Badge Cities: Mount Etna, National City, Scunthorpe, Kampala, Varna Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Mount Etna – used in Kampala) EP261: Hexed and Vexed – Hexed and Vexed Badge Cities: Cincinnati(2), Narragansett, Ogden, Gernsheim, Pripyat Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Cincinnati(2) – used in Gernsheim) EP262: Spellbound – Spellbound Badge Cities: Okunoin, Paris(2), Xilitla, Rothenburg, Sant Marti Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Paris(2) – used in Sant Marti) EP263: Rumor Mill – Rumor Mill Badge Cities: Bursa, Jaipur, Treviso, Marshall, San Miguel Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Treviso – used in Marshall) EP264: Friendly Fire – Friendly Fire Badge Cities: Becket, Kilifi, Nondalton, Kampong Phluk, Marfa Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Kilifi – used in Kampong Phluk) EP265: Splintered – Splintered Badge Cities: Dalat, Hong Kong(3), Quallicum Beach, Genoa, Milan(1) Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Quallicum Beach – used in Milan(1)) EP266: Agents Akimbo – Agents Akimbo Badge Cities: Kreuzberg, Manhattan(3), Xigaze, Kalambaka, Namche Bazaar Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Kreuzberg – used in Kalambaka) EP267: Spy Swap – Spy Swap Badge Cities: Burano, Leuven, Udaipur, Budva, Civita Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Udaipur – used in Civita) EP268: Merry Mishap – Merry Mishap Badge Cities: Kata Beach, Mt Holly, Telford, Hanoi, Santa Monica Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Mt Holly – used in Hanoi) EP269: Christmas Chaos – Christmas Chaos Badge Cities: Normal, Washington DC(3), Winnemucca, Hamilton, Maui(1) Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Winnemucca – used in Maui(1)) EP270: Time Freeze – Time Freeze Badge (Free to Club Pogo Members) Cities: Cluj-Napoca, Easter Island, Nantes, Eisenstadt, Prague(3) Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Cluj-Napoca – used in Eisenstadt) EP271: Holly Humbug – Holly Humbug Badge Cities: King of Prussia, Shanghai(2), West Bengal, Nord, Nordaustlandet Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in King of Prussia – used in Nordaustlandet) EP272: Seasons Fleeting – Seasons Fleeting Badge Cities: Menton, Ogori, Old Quebec, Asheville, Encinitas Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Ogori – used in Encinitas) EP273: Suspicious Sovereign – Suspicious Sovereign Badge Cities: Chaiyaphum, Tabuk, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Gion Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Tabuk – used in Frankfurt) EP274: Rumble Royale – Rumble Royale Badge Cities: Ball Ground, Fiddletown, St Petersburg(2), Acapulco, Cazadero Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in St Petersburg(2) – used in Acapulco) EP275: Monarchical Mess – Monarchical Mess Badge Cities: Deir El Qamar, Harrogate, Mariavolgy, San Juan, St Georges Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Mariavolgy – used in St Georges) EP276: Princely Puzzle – Princely Puzzle Badge Cities: Hue, Mexico City(2), Vienna(2), Hever, St Petersburg(1) Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Hue – used in Hever) EP277: Chili Con Carne – Chili Con Carne Badge Cities: Masaya, Redondo Beach, Tsing Yi, Apia, Ottawa(1) Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Masaya – used in Ottawa(1)) EP278: Green’s Peppers – Green’s Peppers Badge Cities: Beirut, Granada, Kute, Negril, Quito(2) Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Granada – used in Quito(2)) EP279: Spill the Beans – Spill the Beans Badge Cities: Bonifacio, Coventry, Shinjuku(2), Limon, Mombasa Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Shinjuku(2) – used in Mombasa) EP280: Simmer and Saute – Simmer and Saute Badge Cities: Brindisi, Chicago(3), Accra, Kyoto(3), Barcelona(2) Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Chicago(3) – used in Barcelona(2)) EP281: Five Bean Blunder – Five Bean Blunder Badge Cities: Antwerp, Khonkaen, Rome(2), Kudahuvadhoo, Tivoli Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Rome(2) – used in Kudahuvadhoo) EP282: In the Fog – In the Fog Badge Cities: Salenstein, Sarcelles, Triberg, Labrea, Montserrat Night Object: Fog Cutters – (found in Triberg – used in Labrea) EP283: Agent Anonymous – Agent Anonymous Badge Cities: Athens(2), Phoenix, Tainan City, Isla Mujeres, Tianjin?

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Being located at the Cairo international airportgive us an edge over others, and insure Book Now If you are exiting the arrivals hall at the airport it’s a matter of a few minutes before you are on your way to your destination.

If, however, you are calling from within the city, you’ll need to allow for the nearest available bus to reach you.

From their marital spats to their use of the sex aid Viagra, Keeping Up With The Kardashians ensured that Kris and Bruce Jenner had one of the most public marriages in America.

So it's no surprise that the exes seem happy to keep their post-divorce relationship just as public, following Bruce's transformation into Caitlyn.

– Night of the Turkey Badge Cities: Las Vegas, Plymouth, Pompeii, Tarawa, Yerevan Night Object: Night Vision Goggles EP48: The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Kids Aren’t Alright Badge (Free to Club Pogo Members) Cities: Macau, Manama, Nassau, San Francisco, Tirana Find-the-differences: Manama Night Object: Night Vision Goggles EP49: The Toys of Chaos – Chaos Toys Badge Cities: Toronto, Taipei, Santiago, Gaborone, Soweto Night Object: Flashlight EP50: Fight to the Finnish – Finnish Fight Badge Cities: Caracas, Helsinki, Lisbon, Quito, Zagreb Night Object: Fog Cutters (found in Zagreb) EP51: The Polar Prison – The Polar Prison Badge Cities: Bekasi, North Pole, Tehran, Thunder Bay, Valletta Night Object: Flashlight EP52: Capricorn Rising – Capricorn Rising Badge Cities: Bergen, Chennai, Havana, Pearl City, Washington Night Object: Flashlight EP53: Treasure Under the Sea – Undersea Treasure Badge Cities: Bremen, Cordoba, Dodoma, Miyazaki, Taipei Night Object: Flashlight EP54: Catching Capricorn – Capricorn Catcher Badge Cities: Beppu, Dakar, Darwin, Esbjerg, Norfolk Night Object: Flashlight EP55: Voyage into Danger – Dangerous Voyage Badge Cities: Capricorn, Lost Uboat, Manokwari, Mc Murdo, Punda Night Object: Night Vision Goggles EP56: Big Sky Betrayal – Big Sky Betrayal Badge (Free to Club Pogo Members) Cities: Helena, Budapest, San Francisco, Manaus, Cannes Find-the-differences: Budapest Night Object: Flashlight EP57: The Senator’s Wife – Senator’s Wife Badge Cities: Chinotimba, Dushanbe, Hoonah, Pristina, Toungoo Find-the-differences: Pristina Night Object: Flashlight EP58: The Devious Damsel – Devious Damsel Badge Cities: Havana, Houston, Lima, San Jose, Siena Night Object: Flashlight EP59: The Femme Fatale – Femme Fatale Badge Cities: Copenhagen, Heraklion, Kathmandu, Praia, Yuma Night Object: Night Vision Goggles EP60: Gone to Ground – Gone to Ground Badge Cities: Brasilia, Fort Mc Murray, Kyoto, Minsk, Oslo Night Object: Flashlight EP61: Gone Fishing – Gone Fishing Badge Cities: Algiers, Douglas, Luxembourg, Luxor, Milan Night Object: Flashlight EP62: Going, going… Badge Cities: Aktau, Belmopan, Coober Pedy, Hagley Gap, Hofuf Night Object: Night Vision Goggles EP63: Oil Be Gone – Oil Begone badge Cities: Cabinda, Dallas, Kuwait City, Manhattan, Trondheim Night Object: Fog Cutters (found in Dallas) EP64: The Cambridge Cryptologist – Cambridge Cryptologist Badge (Free to Club Pogo Members) Cities: Odessa, Kamchatka, New Delhi, Cambridge, Bogota Find-the-differences: Cambridge Night Object: Fog Cutters (found in Odessa) EP65: After Mc Guffin! Night Object: Night Vision Goggles – (found in Nancay – used in Beatrice) EP287: Harebrained – Harebrained Badge Cities: Leeds, Okinawa, Rajasthan, Avignon, Postbridge Night Object: Flashlight – (found in Okinawa – used in Postbridge) EP288: Hop To It – Hop To It Badge Cities: Istanbul(2), Kassel, Michigan City, Centerville, Seoul(3)?

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