Haley scarnato dating

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Haley's now-unavailable EP of studio version songs that she performed on American Idol was released on i Tunes, along with all the other Top 8 contestants.

She was so down-to-earth and I think everyone felt that way about her. It was a great experience to hammer out the song and stuff. When Simon first commented on the way you looked, did you think about changing it at all? It's fun to dress up and play the part of the week.

* Follow this link to see Haley Scarnato pictures and let us know if you think she was too scantily dressed.

Scarnato auditioned for American Idol in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

She sang Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me".

Before the latest batch of hopeful give their pipes a run-through, USA Today asked seven of last year's finalists to offer a few tips...

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