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by  |  08-Mar-2016 10:31

Many men wonder why they end up with the opposite of they want. So if you present them with a I’m having my fun and your welcome to join bad boy vibe they’ll happily be your fuck buddy meanwhile present them with a I’m ready to settle down and commit to you vibe and they’ll go with that.

They want girl A to be a fuck buddy but she ends up wanting a relationship and they want girl B to be in a relationship but she just wants to be a fuck buddy or even a one night stand? What makes one woman want to keep it casual and another one planning your wedding night? If you have women reading you wrong it is your fault and your job to correct this.

Women are going to go with the frame or paradigm you present them with.

Hamer takes your unspoken thoughts and verbalizes them in a brilliant way.

If you know John Faithful Hamer in real life then you know that reading this book is the equivalent to having a full on paperback conversation with him, and really... It was like unlike something I've ever read before.

A collection of real insights that could be deemed philosophical, yet it didn't bore me to death and didn't gleam with academia.

These insights felt personal and amicable with a hint of pretentiousness that gave it a feeling of realism.

Don’t think about what she wants as you will often misread this and the woman is going to go with your paradigm anyways.

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