Elissa sursara dating becki newton dating

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“It’s a shame that so many culturally diverse people in the entertainment industry flaunt such a terrible thing,” says Brazilian beauty Elissa Sursara. It’s not something people need, it’s just something people want.

They don’t seem to care how it gets from the animal to their back and that’s something I’ve set out to change.” The award winning actress, initially made famous at the age of four as an insanely popular South American child star, has been fur-free her entire life and follows a cruelty-free vegetarian diet, something she was enlisted to describe as a special guest on the upcoming green-documentary of pal Adrian Grenier, a friendship inspired by long-time best friend and star, Isabel Lucas.

He founded a non-profit environmental group called The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. He co-wrote his three popular books with his brother-in-law, Graham Spence.

He and Australian Animal Planet host Elissa Sursara both had prominent careers as conservationists.

Tim loves anything wild and is passionate about wildlife conservation, studying a Bachelor of Science in Biodiversity and Conservation while working in the entertainment industry.

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