Donald faison currently dating

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Now fifteen years since the first episode aired, the cast and the world look very different.

Former "Scrubs" stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison -- who played inseparable man friends J. and Turk on the show -- hung out in real-life yesterday during a totally platonic trip to Hawaii."There's nothing gay about it, in our eyes." -- J.

begins with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson leaving a Circuit City.

Kelly and the Captain have been dating for more than a year, and rumors abound that the two are secretly engaged, while her friends are buzzing that, for Jeter, she’s “the real deal.” If this information is a nasty shock to the legions of New York City ladies who have long thought of themselves as the perfect Mrs. First, both the ballplayer and his girl won’t talk about their personal lives and keep as low a profile as a couple can when one half is a superstar shortstop.

That would be Minka Kelly, a beautiful 29-year-old actress.

Finally, she had someone to set her up to deliver punch lines and someone who didn’t know any better. It was a new side of Jessica — though, ultimately, Ca Cee was the real revelation. LC’s relationships with Audrina and Heidi were failing, and it seemed like she was constantly pouting, if not crying.

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