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Data brokers freely collect and resell records with your personal information, spreading intimate details from one person to another.

Brokers and marketers may know more about us than our own families. Your purchase behavior, financial habits, personal interests and consumer information is a valuable commodity to marketers.

more A protester shouts slogans against Chinese President Xi Jinping as pro-democracy protesters march in Hong Kong, Saturday, July 1, 2017.

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Sacred music has a long tradition in the state of Texas.

The East Texas Musical Convention was organized in 1855, and is the oldest Sacred Harp convention in Texas, and the second oldest in the United States. Baxter), and the Stamps Quartet Music Company (founded by Frank Stamps).

Data miners have an access to public records, social network shares, likes, subscriptions, telephone orders and online transactions, including loyalty rewards programs, extended warranties, registration cards, donations to non-profit organizations, memberships and online forms. They claim to do this in order to enhance your shopping experience and offer advertising targeted to your interests. Your online profiles and personal information may already appear on people search platforms like spokeo.com, peekyou.com, nubwer.com, peoplefinders.com, mylife.com, etc., all without your knowledge or consent.

It's almost impossible to participate in any activity online and stay unnoticed. Virtually anyone can search these sites and gain access to your private data, and there’s simply no telling how they may use it.

less Pro-independence activists chant slogans after being stopped by police officers during a march in Hong Kong, China, Saturday, July 1, 2017.

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