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So if you are one of these guys, ask yourself why you do this. Eric - Gee, somebody whose entire argument is based on a US / doctor conspiracy theory? I'm going to definitely listen to your thoughts on medical care. " I have a very good friend who was forced into Cananadian health care after a marriage to a Canadian man -- she died of a cancer after not being able to seek treatment quickly enough on a waiting list.If you’re a guy and this blog resonates with you, then get your ass to the doctor and get some blood work done. This is an open letter not for the people I know who have been diagnosed with something after not going to the doctor soon enough, but for those people reading this who think they are Superman. My suggestion is that if you think US medical care is so awful that you move to Canada and experience that for a while -- but don't come crawling back here when you have to wait 1 year for a bypass surgery or a knee replacement. It sounds like you are WISHING cancer on American people....shame on you Once again, great advice David.

And even if you haven’t, this article just draws some inspiration that show.

Many of these qualities are those one may find in many other people that are often considered charismatic like George Clooney, Bill Clinton or just some friend you might have.

Also, I think being charismatic is about being a better you and bringing out more of yourself with less self-censoring. But also by experimenting and trying things you may not normally do. Charismatic people often seem to smile a whole lot.

So these are just some general things many charismatic people seem to have been in common. Big changes do not come from just staying in your comfort zone and telling yourself “Oh, that’s just not me”. If you actually try smiling more you’ll discover how the world treats you changes a lot. So does Simon Baker on the show, a 1000 watt smile like the one in photo above, probably a dozen times in each episode.

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