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Stevens, who sold insurance in New Jersey, hadn't told her he'd been a child actor. Only Elvis, Ray Charles and the Beatles had more hits than she did in the '60s. And the four-foot-nine singer known as Little Miss Dynamite hasn't fizzled.

With Kelly And Michael, but when he left for a full-time gig at Good Morning America last April - igniting rumors of her fury - the show became Live With Kelly and continues to rotate co-hosts now.

What once was: In 2012, Michael Strahan joined what became Live!

With Regis And Kelly in 2011, the rupture between himself and his former colleague hasn't been repaired.

When asked on Larry King Now whether he and Kelly Ripa still kept in contact, the 85-year-old said wanly: 'Not really. No.'As he explained, 'She got very offended when I left. I was leaving because I was getting older and that wasn't right for me anymore.''You mean she took it personal?

' King pressed, to which Philbin replied: 'Yeah, I think so. Indeed, King did not correct Philbin on this point, as he left Live only five-years ago and not 11, as he stated.'Haven't heard?

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