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Safeway's new format, introduced several years ago, brings customers all the conveniences and choices they have come to expect in a quality, modern supermarket.The new format includes an earthy-toned decor, subdued lighting, custom flooring and unique display features to provide a warm ambiance that enhances the shopping experience.“If they can’t take their kid to day care, how do single parents make it if they don’t have paid leave? “Employers owe it to their employees.” Darlene and Bill were invigorated by their experience.

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The point of the name was that the grocery operated on a cash-and-carry basis — it did not offer credit, as grocers traditionally had done. In 1929, it was relocated to a former grocery warehouse in Oakland, California.

It was the "safe way" to buy because a family could not get into debt via its grocery bill (as many families did at the time, especially during the Great Depression). Merrill, the founder of the Merrill Lynch brokerage firm, saw an opportunity to consolidate the West Coast grocery industry. Weldon, who wished to exit retailing and concentrate on wholesale. Safeway headquarters remained there until the move to Pleasanton, California in 1996.

Local 400 Shop Stewards Darlene Butler-Jones and Bill Osborn had never gone to Annapolis to meet with their state legislators, testified before the Maryland General Assembly or spoken out at rallies before.

So when they were asked to help lead Local 400’s campaign to pass the Healthy Working Families Act, they were a bit taken aback.

The Hardy Middle School Marching Band greeted the crowd of neighbors, business and civic leaders who gathered for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of the store’s Wisconsin Avenue entrance.

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